Best Yoga Poses That Will Help Increase Your Height

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Best Yoga Poses That Will Help Increase Your Height

Here are the best yoga poses which can be effective yoga for your height growth.

Human height depends on several factors like as genetic and non-genetic factors, including environmental factors and nutrition. It is said that a child in its growing stage should follow a balanced diet, including proper sleep and exercises and physical activities for his or her proper growth and development, both physically and mentally. It is said that after a certain age (on an average 16-18 years), your height stops to grow. So if you really desire to become tall, it is better to start from an early age.

Benefits of Yoga to Increase Height

Every one of us desires to become tall. Some of us even wonder whether it is possible to increase height in the natural way even after we cross the actual age of growing. Well, yoga is the solution for this. Yoga can do wonders to overall improve the posture and stature and make us tall or look tall.  Some rigorous Yoga postures can help in stretching and lengthening the spine. But when we want to start, we should start with simple exercises. Height is co-related with the length of the bones. After a particular age, the bones’ length does not increase. But it has been proved that yoga can assist in correcting posture and add a few inches to the height.

Effective Yoga Poses to Increase Height

Mountain pose

It is very simple and effective yoga poses, in this yoga pose, you have to stand freestyle and raise up both hands and stand on force of your legs fingers (as shown in figure). Thereafter bend backwards with hands and then once again come to your actual position. In this yoga poses, first take up both your hands with breathing in and stand on your toes for some time. Keep both hands up and pull your body upwards and stay for awhile. Then breathe out slowly and bring it to normal position. You can do this posture 10 to 15 times in a day.

Triangle pose

Also known as the inverted triangle pose, this movement strengthens the back and improves the balance of the body and thus gain height. You have to in both legs and raise your hands and keep them in line with the shoulders. Upper body rotate your right, you must touch the right foot with your left hand. To get optimal results, you must ensure that your rights is hand upwards and the toes are spread outward. Look at your fingertips, should hold it in this position for 30 seconds and repeat the pose on the other side.

Downward Facing-Dog

Downward facing-dog is the best yoga pose and this pose is easy to perform as compare to other poses. This pose helps to increase the height. It is a holistic pose that stretches and strengthens many parts of the body. Simply make your body into an inverted “V” shape, and push your hands into the floor to stretch your legs and back. It helps you lengthen and strengthen muscles in the body.

yoga wheel pose

yoga wheel pose

Cobra pose

Start with your arms perpendicular to the ground, and your spine down. Now bend your hips and take the rest of your body, so to form a V-shape, when you consider that you are doing this, put your Chin against your chest. Go to its initial position.  Repeat this exercise two-ten and twenty seconds should last up to five times with each individual repetition.

Wheel Pose

This is also called as upward facing bow pose. In this yoga posture, keep your hands and feet on the floor. You can make a position which is given below picture. You can try this posture 5 to 10 times in a day.

Tree Pose

It is also called as Tadasana. It is similar to mountain posture. In this yoga pose, you have to stand freestyle and it is an ideal posture to lengthen and straighten your spine to increase the height. Start off with standing straight and holding your hands together (namaste position). Lift the arms over the head and make the Namaste. Then lift one leg and raise it to the knee of the other leg and rest it there, holding the balance. Exhale and return to first position. Repeat with the left leg.

Sun Salutation Pose

This is the best yoga posture ever, many of the yoga posture includes in this posture. Or we can say that it is “one to many”. Sun salutation is divided in 12 steps. The sequence of sun salutation pose is gives in the picture below, so you should follow this step by step method.

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