Flat Tummy Solution: Stomach Toning Exercises for Women

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Flat Tummy Solution: Stomach Toning Exercises for Women

Women who have fat deposits on their belly or tummy should not get de-motivated as there are tummy toning exercises for their rescue.

Women are often recognized by their slim and sexy figure. One of the major highlights of their attractive physique is their belly or tummy. If the tummy is toned then they look great and can flaunt variety of fashionable dresses and garments over their bodies. This gives them great confidence leading to their overall health.

The absence of the extra fat on their tummy also leads to giving them low fat body devoid of many lifestyle diseases. A strong tummy or belly muscle also leads to a stronger back and good posture to enhance the overall looks of the body.The overall situation is a win-win for the women with toned belly.

Women who have fat deposits on their belly or tummy should not get de-motivated as there are tummy toning exercises for their rescue. Most of these exercises can be performed at their homes only without even using heavy gym machines and equipments. Go through them and get a toned tummy for sexy and attractive looks.


Bring your knees slowly to touch your head while lying on the floor on your back. Bring your knees back to their original position. This is one round of the exercise. You need to do it slowly with ten repetitions for better results.

Leg raises

Since legs are connected to the belly portion directly therefore leg exercises have a direct impact on the belly muscles. Raise both of your legs at an angle of 45 degrees from the floor in air while lying on your back. Keep them there for few seconds and bring them back to their original position but do not lt them touch the floor now. This is one round of this exercise. Repeat this for at least twenty rounds.

Crossover crunches

This exercise helps in toning the side muscles of the abdomen. In this exercise you need to crossover the elbows of the hands to the opposite knees of your legs to touch and hold them when you bring them up. Do at least ten repetitions of this exercise to get the maximum benefits out of it.


This is a cardio exercise which is one of the best for the women who wish to tone their tummy. Walking is beneficial for the other body organs too as they all get their share of massage when you walk. The increase in the heart beats achieved by walking helps the heart to pump more oxygen in the body leading to the better brain and other organ functioning. This has to be done for  30 minutes every day for the better results.

Sit ups

Lie on the back on the floor and bend your knees with hands tied on your head together. Now bring your knees to touch your head with head to moving forward and hands tied up at the back. Repeat this exercise for 10-20 times and try to perform this exercise slowly for the better results.

Stomach Toning Exercises for Women

Stomach Toning Exercises for Women

Sitting chair crunches

There are times when you are not in position tom lie on the floor like in office. You can then sit on the chair with your back as straight and hands locked behind your head. Now with knees bend bring them up towards your chest portion while lower the elbow down to meet the knees in crossover position. Repeat this exercise for 10 times to get the better results.

Tummy Toning While Walking

A simple tummy toning exercise can be done while walking. Simply tighten your abdominal muscles while walking and be sure to breathe naturally. You can do this exercise while walking to your driveway or to your office from the parking lot, or while walking around the house doing other tasks. Anytime you find yourself walking, you can consciously pull in your abdominal muscles.

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