Yoga Postures and Their Benefits

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Yoga Postures and Their Benefits

All yoga postures have anatomical and therapeutic purposes that can benefit the body and mind.

Everyone in the current busy life schedule really wants to indulge sometime for exercises. However, maintaining a regular routine becomes difficult so far as exercises are concerned. People begin working on various kinds of  exercises having a great enthusiasm but soon lose the eye. They believe that some exercises benefits in physical terms as the others in mental term.

Yoga, the traditional practice of integrating your brain, body and spirit via a series of postures, breathing work and meditation, is making its mark on Americans who’re eager to gain its body and mind benefits.

Yoga won’t help in maintaining the physical essence in our body but would also stop us mentally strong. Yoga is really a Sanskrit word meaning union or joining. Yoga exercises basically includes Asanas. By inculcating yoga within our daily regime, we are able to increase our resistance, improve health insurance and develop our mental abilities. Even though yoga poses or asanas seems simple to perform, a careful approach is required to get the best benefits.

The various kinds of Yoga Poses or Benefits are:

Uttanasana or intense forward stretch

Yoga Postures and Their Benefits

Yoga Postures and Their Benefits

Begin with Tadasana and inhale while stretching the hands up and exhale reaching down together with your hands. Attempt to press down together with your palms.


Tones the liver, spleen, kidneys and also the abdominal region. Stretches the hamstrings and also the spine.

Adhomukha Svanasana or downward-facing dog stretch

Lay down on the floor in your stomach and face downward. Put the palms near the chest. Exhaling, lift up your trunk in the floor. Straighten the arms, move the top inward for the feet and extend the rear, trying to press the heels firmly in to the ground keeping the knees straight making an inverted ‘V’ using the body.


Calms the mind, reduces stiffness within the shoulder region and tones the legs.

Utthita Trikonasana or extended triangle pose

Stand it Tadasana pose. Keep the feet three feet apart and turning the best foot to 90 degrees, turn the left foot slightly right, raising the arms sideways. Bend for your right, bringing the best palm for the right ankle keeping both legs absolutely straight. Repeat on the other hand.


Improves flexibility from the spine and relieves backache. Massages and tones the pelvic region, relieves gastritis, indigestion and acidity.

Virabhadrasana 1 or even the first warrior pose

Stand it Tadasana pose. Keep the feet around four feet apart. Bend the best knee over the right ankle and never beyond it. Keep your left leg stretched. Extend both hands up inside a namaskar, stretching the spine up. The face area, chest and right knee should face exactly the same way as the right foot. Repeat on the other hand.


Tones stomach muscles, legs and hips, strengthens back muscles and relieves backache.

Dandasana or staff pose

Take a seat on the ground together with your legs straight in front of you. Have them straight without hyper-extending the backs of the knees. Keep your chest lifted, shoulders relaxed. Place your palms alongside your hips.


Tones the abdominal organs, the spinal, leg and chest muscles. Great for those struggling with asthma.

Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose is really a basic kneeling-forward bend that’s a resting posture. Your hips, hamstring, ankles and entire back are elongated. The pose is made to minimize stress. Kneel together with your toes touching as well as your knees as wide as the yoga mat. Press your hips back on your heels while you lower your forehead for your mat. Extend your arms overhead with palms facing down and remain in Child’s Pose for you to three minutes. Let your body to allow go associated with a tension within the pose and breath deeply to increase the benefits.

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